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What makes Babo Botanicals different?

Can I use Babo products for my entire family?

Who is Babo?

Can you explain Babo Botanicals' commitment to environment?


Are all Babo Botanicals products natural?

Are your products Organic?

Are Babo skincare products non-irritating?

What is the Nutri-Soothe™ Complex?

Are Babo Botanicals Products Fragrance-Free?

What about other products with fragrances?

What is the definition of natural fragrance?

What are aromatics?

Are Babo Botanicals Products Vegan?

Are Babo Botanicals Products Gluten-Free?

Are Babo Botanicals Products Nut Free?

Are Babo Botanicals Products Dairy and Soy Free?

Our Babo Product PH Balanced?

Does Babo use non-decolorized or decolorized Aloe (Aloe Barbadensis)??


Do you use preservatives??

What Preservatives Does Babo Formulate With?


Mineral vs. chemical sunscreen: what is the difference?

Do your sunscreens contain Non-Nano Zinc Oxide?

Why do you use mostly Zinc in your sunscreens?

How Are Babo’s Sunscreens Clear?

Safety Q

Are your products safe for use during pregnancy and nursing?

Are Babo Botanicals Products Safe for Newborns?

Are Babo products hypoallergenic and tested for allergies?

I’m experiencing a reaction to one of your products, aren’t they supposed to be allergy tested and natural?

Do you product test on animals?

Can all Babo Botanicals products be used for Color-Treated or Straightened / Keratin hair?

Are our products reef safe?

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